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I know it doesn't apply to all people, but it seems to apply to most people that I know. It happened to me, I played some casuals, and one day y hate it so much I uninstall the game, some months later I install the game again play MM and love it. They worry that it will become a shitfest of smurfs, leavers, trolls and hackers.

Just stop obsess about your rank or get a second account. There being no actual reward for being a higher rank in mm, why not just play ranked mm and have fun playing against others of your own skill level? Congratulations, you are the ,th person to ask this 4 year old question! How does it feel to be a winner?

Where are you going to go after this tremendous win You need to see how it effects the game when people are trying to win, not when they're trying to fuck off. Imbalanced teams are the worst in a casual 5v5, because people drop in and out constantly. So you either add penalties for dropping in and out, in which case it's just some bullshit matchmaking that will just take away players from the pool; or you just create drop in 5v5 mode where everybody constantly fucks off and you step on the toes of community server operators.

People would treat it like it's a joke because their rank wouldn't be affected which would result in constant abandons.

So what are the ranks?

People have literally spent the last 2 days bitching about how one sided some weapons expert games are. People get a taste of unranked 5v5 and complain about it. That's why valve won't add it. Why do people still care about this is the real question?

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There are community servers that are 5v5. Valve doesn't like to explain their reasons. They fear that bad communication will hurt them more than allowing us through their silence to think they are stupid for not implementing ideas we think are good. I want to eat nothing but pizza and cookies for the rest of my life, and my nephew wants chocolate for dinner; nothing else, just chocolate.

Him and all his friends included - one could say a majority of his social circle would love that. But it won't happen because they don't need it, despite the democracy saying "we want it". Sometimes, what we want does more harm than good We have a list of reasons rehashed every week on how this idea might help us. We don't have a similar list against the idea. Desiring unranked matchmaking is hardly anywhere along the lines of a child choosing an unhealthy life decision of living off of a poor diet and harming his development.

It seems bizarrely totalitarian for those who are against the mode to champion its exclusion solely because they don't wish to play it. The basic philosophy of, "If you don't like it, don't play it" seems to ring true here since we're not forcing others to play it if Valve includes it. There's another saying in industry: Introducing the R8 and increasing!!! RNG in rifle shots show that Valve's judgment can be far worse than the community's. Let's not put blind faith in the developers here.

Why doesn't Valve add Unranked Matchmaking? : GlobalOffensive

Valve didn't even invent CS. Valve latched onto a great idea. Good for them -- but it doesn't really mean they are always taking it in the right direction. Sometimes we have a good idea. Either way, if Valve can throw their stupidity onto the wall to see what happens, why can't they try one of our ideas?

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  7. It was an example to reinforce the analogy. Wanting doesn't equal deserving, or rationally doable. You're assuming I don't want an unranked casual 5v5. I do, there's just no viable way to implement it that isn't rendered redundant by the queue that already exists, or unviable via trolls and abusive players Elsewise, I'm just sharing insight to possible reasons we don't have it.

    If some noname reddit commenter can think of these issues on the fly, I can't imagine what a roomful of professionals that have information I'm not privy to would see wrong with it.

    Welcome to Reddit,

    You know the intention of that analogy is the give the customer what they want even though they're wrong, right? As in, it's more beneficial to have a slight setback doing something stupid to shut this idiot up than it would be to explain why they can't or won't do that. They don't ignore the community.

    Damn well every reproducible bug, viable QoL and performance improvements are continuously made. Flash indicator in gotv and hovering equipment above teammates head in freezetime, as well as minimap colours.

    How CS:GO ranks work

    Those are just ideas off the top of my head, the list expands past the dozens. The r8 is entirely moot; it was implemented and tweaked in the exact same fashion every new weapon was.


    I'm sorry they didn't get it bang on perfect right out of the gates, but they never have and they likely never will. It's almost like this balance thing takes time and feedback. They explicitly mentioned they were investigating ways to even out the tapping vs spraying mechanics, as literally every player was full spraying at every range which isn't consistent with choosing how one wishes to engage. They made the original change, didn't do it right, then went back to the drawing board.

    Bearing that in mind , you want them to do the same thing again: You criticize them for doing this with the r8, but at the same time criticize them for not doing it with a casual queue? I feel like there's a level of personal bias here. Unless there's actually a list of "how to avoid these immensely glaring issues", I can't, in the comments section of these suggestions, come to a reasonable resolution as to how it would work without shooting itself in the foot.

    And I'm sorry, but "you have to try it, we're the customer " isn't a valid argument. It's rather arrogant, in fact.

    A simplified explanation of CS:GO ranks

    Except there are arguments in favor of Unranked matchmaking and it is doable. Your analogy doesn't apply. A child wanting an unhealthy diet isn't even close to this. It's not a matter of just wanting it. We have trolls and abusive players in every queue in every mode. With this reasoning, we shouldn't have CSGO matchmaking at all.

    Even the 3rd party sites would vanish. Why not just fix the trolling issue first and foremost? And if that mentality has worked to appease stupid customers for stupid demands to great benefit for companies, why would it be a bad idea to listen to smart customers with smart ideas? You're acting like Unranked MM would hurt the community more than Casual has.

    Casual hurts the community every day in more ways than Unranked MM would. They are incredibly selective in what they listen to. Their track record on just testing their updates has been abysmal. Which is wrong, not moot. Valve's process for weapon introduction is wrong.

    https://tumbbealolo.tk They already stated they know the risks of introducing a new weapon, and they keep doing it in a reckless manner every time. Your pointless sarcasm aside, it's almost like Valve hasn't got a clue about how to test and receive feedback without screwing with competitive play. Bearing that in mind, you want them to do the same thing again: I'm saying that if they have no problem introducing changes that were clearly not well thought-out and idiotic right from the gate, then they should have no aversion to introducing oft-requested features that have a list of good arguments behind them.

    And I'm sorry, but "you have to try it, we're the customer" isn't a valid argument. Right now we have people playing regular MM with trolls and abuse. Introducing Unranked MM, where trolls and abusive players would have no impact on a player's rank would improve things already. It would also allow us to tighten up the rules on MM itself, which would be beneficial. I'm sorry, but people have been putting out great ideas with respect to Unranked MM. The arrogance is in denying us a simple game mode that doesn't even hurt the people who don't like it and don't want to play it.

    Hardly anyone will bother with it since Ranked is far more enticing.. For it would be far worse than the Casual game mode; its only 5v5, has no match making creating a massive gap between players skills, players will treat it like Casual and when a player abandons no penalty is issued with no player taking their place. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Global Offensive Store Page. Last edited by BeanX ; 25 Sep, 3: Showing 1 - 15 of 19 comments. Originally posted by Tomoko Kuroki:.

    Zirtok View Profile View Posts. I'm not a big fan of this idea. I played a few competitive games and i have to admit CS Go is the one playing competitive is the less stressfull. Because queuing in compet is the only way to play CS GO!

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