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The ex-army engineer was similarly unfazed when Lyn revealed she had previously dated both men and women. His supportive response was met with praise from dozens of viewers who took to Twitter to share their excitement at a potential future for the couple. Army medic Lyn had a surprise for her date Steve, revealing that she was six months pregnant with her first child conceived by an anonymous sperm donor.

Steve's composed and supportive response to the pregnancy news won praise from viewers. Hope it works out for you both FirstDates. Lyn, who had been married and divorced by the time she was 26, explained to First Dates waitress Cece about her situation after she spotted her bump.

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I would probably be bloody 40 by then, so I went out and just did it myself. The army medic revealed that she wanted her child's father to be 'Italian-Hispanic looking with olive skin, dark hair and dark eyes' and had carefully selected the attributes that matched. The charming ex-Army engineer said he would 'embrace' the chance to have a child in his life. Steve had served 15 years in the army before he decided to leave and had found it difficult to adjust back to civilian life. Before he knew that Lyn was expecting he explained that he had left the Army because he wanted to start a family but was worried he was too old.

He shared his wishes for children with his date, adding: I would adopt if I had to.

If I was with somebody and they came with children, it would be an option. Returning the question, Steve asked what Lyn's background was, stunned into silence as she revealed her news. The mother-to-be revealed she chose to have a child on her own halfway through the meal.

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The nation was behind Lyn and Steve and tweeted messages of support to the couple. I don't if you noticed I was six months pregnant Determined to do it alone, Lyn said to the cameras that she was looking for the right partner and not 'just anyone', telling Steve that her last relationship was too toxic to have a child in. Many women noted that Steve is a rarity on the dating scene and called them a 'match made in heaven'.

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Pregnant & Dating

Connections Featured in Chelsea Lately: Add the first question. Audible Download Audio Books. JuJu 1 episode, Shirly 1 episode, Five in all, the growing and glowing women in WE tv's latest lineup play mini-golf, lace up bowling shoes and enjoy romantic non-alcoholic outings, but the mere idea of dating while pregnant has earned them a bit of snark. You straight people really are something else,' tweeted gay comedian Dave Rubin.

While some of the on-air dates know about the pregnancies, most of the men have at least one awkward deer-in-the-camera-lights moment when the subject comes up. And then there's the subject of sex, which the show's moms-to-be are happy to mull on air. It's also the subject that generated a gross-out factor among some on social media.

In a recent Associated Press-WE tv poll, 23 percent of men said they would consider starting a relationship with a woman who is pregnant. Among online dating options are a few sites promoting pregnant sex, hookups and even one offering 'pregnant naughty chat. Dating wasn't about sex for Melissa Meister, a model-turned-stylist in Los Angeles. Divorced, she attempted to have a baby on her own through a donor when she and her boyfriend of three years began trying together, and voila!

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Dating, she said, was 'about getting to know people and really finding out who they are, and for the first time in my life being confident to know my boundaries and what it is that that person would need to deliver in order to be in my life. Among her dates was an aspiring actor, Eric Joseph. The two were introduced by a mutual friend and Joseph knew she was pregnant.

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  • He was new to Hollywood at the time of filming several months ago. Sex, he said, wasn't on the table.

    Pregnant & Dating – Kiesha Miles – WE tv

    If I had tried I think I would have gotten a slap in the face,' he chuckled. Can we blow up reality TV now?

    You straight people really are something else. That sounds like a good show to watch. Yeah, let me date a broad who's knocked up by some other guy lol. Wtf kinda shows are they making nowadays? And I think I'm weird I can't even watch this.

    Revealing You're Pregnant On First Date & Need Baby Names! - First Dates

    As for those pregnant singles in real life who seemingly enjoy that deed, Meister said: But I do know that there is another side to it, the weird fetish portion of it.

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