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Well, given that millions upon millions of Montecristos are rolled every year, you could have multiple boxes of Monte No. All of these date codes were photographed on my November trip to Havana, and all were known legit boxes from various LCDH shops and other cigar divans. The last picture added in there is courtesy of Frank, from boxes coming my way from Europe that he photographed the codes for me.

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With so many changes over the past years, and Habanos S. Yes, people need to take the overall constellation of facts into account — that the packaging is correct, the cigars themselves look and feel and smell correct, that the bands are correct, that the date stamps are correct, etc. But, as the above pictures show, no single thing can be a complete guarantee. With so many Tabacuba factories changing so much in recent years, something as simple as a stamped-and-marked in factory code is hard for them to keep uniform. People sometimes ask what a cigar mastercase is.

Simply, a big cardboard shipping case of a particular run of cigars. The wrapping adds nothing and provides negligible protection. The tissue may be left on the cigars in a humidor, but must be removed before smoking. The use of true aluminium foil for wrapping cigars started in the s but because of the high cost to hand-wrap the cigars, its general use was replaced with cellophane sleeves except for premium or special cigars by the s.

Current aluminium foil is actually a naturally silver coloured aluminium paper foil. It can be either plain or have an embossed pattern stars etc. As above but a gold coloured aluminium paper foil is used. The foil is either plain or patterned and to date has only been used to partly wrap the cigars. Cellophane sleeved cedar wrapped cigars generally indicate machine-made cigars. This form of packaging has been discontinued.

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Aluminium tubes first appeared in the mids and were quite common by the s. Some cigar releases are available exclusively in aluminium tubes, while other releases are available either with or without tubes. Tubes help to preserve cigars from physical damage and short-term drying out.

Habanos recommends removing them from their tubes if storing in a humidor although MRN advocates leaving cigars in their tubes for improved but slower aging. Tubes have a thin cedar-sheet lining. Since , Habanos SA has been extending the available tube range in their major brands, using both recoloured standard tubes and a new premium style tube.

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Some of the minor brands are having the tubes withdrawn. The standard tubes have a bottom screw-cap. The older style tubes generally have black text printed on the natural silver background while the newer style tubes have the same screw-cap construction but with more colourful tube colour and printing. The new premium tubes have a twin tube construction, with a top, friction pull-apart section. They are usually printed in multiple colours. It incorporates a rechargeable humidifier sponge within a double aluminium chamber, a clear plastic upper section and a cap that incorporates a reusable cigar punch.

Their use was discontinued by the mids. Glass tubes have a plastic push-in cap. Plastic Tubes can be either clear or opaque, with push-top caps. Their current use is limited to ICT machine-made cigars. The cedar timber tube was a special release tube once used by the discontinued Davidoff brand. A n individual "soft-pack" cardboard box, containing a single cigar. These i ndividual cardboard boxes are packed in Cardboard Packs of 3 or 5. A small unvarnished solid or cedar plywood timber slide lid box, usually containing a single round cigar. Also known as a "coffin box".

These boxes are packed in a 3 or 5 pack dress or slide lid box. Usually reserved for expensive or large cigars. As above, but with a clear varnish finish. Foil Wrapped in SLB. Unvarnished small slide lid box, containing one or more aluminium foil wrapped cigars. Culebras means "snakes" in Spanish and as a packing term means three cigars twisted together in a tight intertwined spiral. Culebras is also the Cuban factory name for specific sized vitola.

Only three brands have produced Culebras since These were machine-made cigars. Early packaging was a dress box of 25 containing eight spirals of three plus a single straight cigar, to make up the total of 25 cigars. The modern Culebras are handmade and each spiral bu ndle is packed in a small slide lid box.

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Cigars packed in cellophane wrapped bundles are now restricted to cheaper short-filler cigars. Bundles normally consist of 25 cigars. Believed to slow down the fermenting process and retain flavours longer. Currently only in use for a few cigar releases. Packaging Types Cigars are or were packaged for sale in the following various forms: The Dress Box is the most common cigar box and normally contains 25 box pressed cigars. Also known as a standard box, current box, labelled box or semi-plain box. The box is "dressed" with specific paper labels and trimmings. Semi-plain more correctly applies to pre-WW2 boxes, where the dressings did not cover the whole box.

Until the mids, the boxes were constructed from solid cedar, after which time it changed to cedar veneered plywood. The paper dressing forms the hinge of the box and the lid is fixed with a nail. Some boxes have a brooch clasp in lieu of a nail. Currently used for some production cigars mainly tubes and some special release boxes. These boxes have thicker cedar plywood lids. Cigars are usually in layers, but sometimes albeit rarely may be in foil bundles. Boxes of 25 are normally in 2 layers 12 bottom, 13 top , boxes of 20 are normally in 2 layers of 10, and boxes of 10 are normally in a single layer. Normally, tubed cigars are in 3 layers. This is an unvarnished timber box normally containing 25 or 50 round cigars, packed in a bundle and tied with a silk ribbon.

Around , the timber changed from solid cedar to cedar veneered plywood.

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Commonly referred to as a "Cab" short for cabinet box. Some special releases and discontinued production have cigars in Layers. Boxes of 10 in a single layer and boxes of 20 in a double layer are referred to as Flat Slide Lid Boxes. Varnished Slide Lid Boxes.

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As above, but with a clear varnish finish to all sides, except the base. Semi Boite Nature Boxes. An unvarnished timber box containing 10, 24, 25, or 50 round cigars in layers. Boxes of 10 are normally in a single layer whilst boxes of 25 are normally in a double layer.

Varnished Semi Boite Nature Boxes. A clear varnished finished cedar timber box normally containing cigars in layers. This box has a formed metal hinged lid with projecting sealing collars and is fitted with a brooch clasp. Boxes of 10 or 15 are normally in a single layer and boxes of 25 are normally in a double layer. Varnished Boite Nature Boxes. Lacquered Boite Nature Boxes. As above, but with an opaque lacquered gloss black finish. A varnished cedar timber box with the longer sides being curved, normally containing 25 round cigars, arranged in 3 layers.

The original boxes of 25 cigars have layers of 8, 9 and 8 cigars; smaller boxes of 10 cigars have layers of 3, 4 and 3 cigars. As above, but unvarnished. Boxes of 50 have a ribbon tided bundle of cigars. Special humidors can take many forms and are usually issued for a special occasion. They are normally limited in quantity, carry a premium price surcharge and may contain vitolas not in normal production. The cigars may have a special or an extra band.

The humidors are usually numbered and rarely the bands may be numbered. There were also humidors of all forms, e. The cigars are packed in layers. These Cabinets are normally black, but some early Cabinets were finished with a green lacquer. A custom-made, cedar timber box for a particular usually minor release, typically containing a selection of cigars taken from several brands.

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A cellophane wrapped bundle of cigars, with no other outer packaging. Bundles Mazos normally contain 25 round cigars, with cigar bands since mid This Flor de Murias box has a red warranty seal issued by the "provisional government of Cuba". Most likely post Spanish-American war of and prior to when the above mentioned blue warranty seal was issued.

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