Guy wants to hook up but has a girlfriend

What should I do???

Even though the guy I’m seeing has a girlfriend, he’s very attached to me

I have a crush on a boy and we have been very close friends for a long time. Recently though he got a girlfriend who is a very very good friend of mine. I know that she has liked him for long time but honestly they don't look too close. On the other hand him and I have really cool chemistry. Everyone around us has shipped us a lot but I've always denied it because of my friends feelings for him. Maybe I am just horrible because I really want him for myself and kind of want to overlook the fact that it will break my friends heart.

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I just don;t know what to do because I get the feeling that he still like me. I know that he did like me like 7 years ago in 5th grade but I didn't know for a long time. I've also noticed that we are both laughing and smiling after we talk and hang out and with her he always seems tired. I don't know what to do. I feel like I should be a good friend but my heart really hurts knowing that if I just ignore it we can't be as good friends anymore.

Anyways any advice would really help. I tried to avoid him but he always find a way to get at me I need help. No one will read this. Anyways, back in 6th grade I fell in love with this guy named Hector. I loved him way to much, his friends kept on telling me that he likes me but I never understood it because he was always mean to me and only me. Than at that last week in 6th grade or something.

I didn't kn that he did. All the summer in 6th grade I cried over him, I cut myself over him, he hurt me so much. I got happy, forgot about him. Than Guess What Happens??!! He comes back in 8th grade. I see him but stupid me don't even look straight in his eyes, i wished i did because i wouldn't be hurt right now. I'm not hurt anymore tho i think i got over it but who knows. If ur reading this i wish it was u Hector.

I feel like I still like him but he seem to not care at all n its true he doesn't. It is impossible for him to be reading this. I just wished I wouldn't have met him because than I wouldn't have to see him choosing the wrong person over n over n over n over again.

So me and this guy were dating for about 3months and i wasnt even serioua about our relationship and he was and we ended up breaking up now 4months later i contacted him and apologised ,now he wants us to try again something i have been hoping for cause i love him I met a guy in a workshop. His sister my bff told him I like him but then 3 days after he said yes to a girl asking him out. This guy has a girlfriend and we had sex one drunken night when he acted like they were in an open relationship. But the chemistry feels so strong. Maybe he does just want me for a side piece and I definitely don't want to partake in any of that.

He keeps insinuating, keeps flirting, he keeps trying. And the feels are so intense it almost feels like torture having to conscientiously refuse him.. Is there an easy way to not feel such intense lust for someone?

We haven't done anything physical or inappropriate, but I still think he likes me back? I don't want to hurt anyone, but I also want him.

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  • He Likes Me, and I Like Him, But He Has a Girlfriend!

So my crush likes me but the night before he was going to ask me out his ex askes him out again and he said yes to not hurt her feelings what do I do. I use to date my crush but then we broke up. He is obviously still is my crush and I though that he still likes me because he keeps on looking at me but he just asked my friend to the dance. But the thing is, is that he still keeps looking at me What does this mean and what should I do?

I am currently seeing a guy who is in a relationship with another girl. It's a long distance relationship for 6 years and they don't talk to each other much. In fact, i have never seen him talking to her. And, couple of days ago, i told him that i like him because i didn't know he had a girlfriend.

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But, when i said i like him, he said he has a girlfriend but he likes me too. I asked him if he can break up with her, but his answer was unclear. Last night, i asked him if he really wanna be in a serious relationship with me, he said he needed time to think. And this morning, he said that he did like me and care about me, and he wanna be in a relationship with me.

This guy treats me very nicely. He did not try to be physical with me, even though he did had couple of chances to. So, it's pretty obvious that he is not just trying to have sex with me. But, I don't know what is he trying to do.

If He Has a Girlfriend, Why Does He Want Me?

I can tell that he likes me too. But, i just am really confused. Well I texted a guy named nick and I already knew him and he was with his friend ceaser and he has a gf and me and him slept together and I've always liked him so i was like happy and shit and somebody told his gf that we fucked and now she wanna fight But she treats him like shit and she's always mean to him and me and ceaser still talk so what should i do i mean he's nice he respect girls he doesn't hit girls cause almost every guy i been with always hit me and i really like him what should i do??

So I like this guy and his names lockie and he now has a girlfriend and she is my best friend. A few days ago he held my hand while my best friend was sleeping I really want to date jackson though i mea hes funny nice smart kind.. I really like this guy in my 1st and 7th period but he has a girlfriend. He flirts with me a lot, one time I called him a name cause he took my phone and he Whispered me a name back and after winked at me the whole arguement was a tease.

He said because it makes me look sexy and then after he asked me to add him on snapchat. Does he like me? This guy at work he was sending signals that he is interested. We keep sneaking glance and smiles at each other.

We would do these things in front of others and the colleagues kind of figured something is going on, But he has a gf, i don't know why he would do that in front of others knowing everyone knows he has a gf. And yes I have a bf too, so I was too guilty to take it forward even though I found him cute.

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So I just ignored him for a couple of days but then got back to sneaking glances, and then he came over in the pretext of work and sort of spoke to me. And then he found out That I have a bf and works at the same office, he kind of tried to stop all the signals, but he would look at me when I am not looking at him. So I didn't like him hot and cold, and I was also guilty for getting attracted to another guy so I dropped everything and ignored him completely.

I guess he didn't like it, especially when He saw me around my bf, then today he got his gf to work, maybe to try and make me jealous. I don't know what's happening. If he is getting jealous does it mean he feels something real for me? This guy that I like at school. We talk everyday at scchool because i dont have a phone but when we are working on things we have these moments where we look into each others eyes for a period of time then when the moment breaks we smile and look the other way like it leaver happened.

He has a girlfriend and he wants to change for her. I've tried ignoring him but for some reason i can't stop talking to him. Does he like me or am I being parnoid? This guy has been flirting with me for a few weeks now. He does the whole staring in your eyes thing, he hugs me with like, passion, he looks in my eyes and just makes me feel so good. Whenever he sees me he says "Hey beautiful". When I asked him why he started talking to me out of nowhere he said that hes heard amazing things about me and wanted to see for himself.

Then he said "then I found out not only are you amazing like they said, but you're the prettiest girl I've met". Then I did something, I don't know if I'll regret it or not but, today he walked up to me and shoved me and said "heyyy beautiful" and then I said "girlfriend".

That's all I could say. He said "what" and I said "you He looked at me for a second and then I just bolted. What do I do? I was in a restaurant sitting there playing my phone like I always am every weekend, and this boy I don't even know came up with his phone and asked me my name and my grade. He says "I have a girlfriend" and I'm like "That's cool, I have a boyfriend" Then he starts talking about love and relationships! Then he tells me where he lives then he says he is going to move to my area probably and said he hopes to see me in school! Does that mean that he is into me?? My best friend has a girlfriend for more than 2 years but I think he likes me.

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guy wants to hook up but has a girlfriend Guy wants to hook up but has a girlfriend

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