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The bench also expressed reservation over sharing with the centre the copy of the NRC Coordinator's report on the modalities for receiving claims from those excluded in draft NRC, saying though the Government of India was "extremely interested", the court "has to strike a balance".

The top court deferred till further orders the commencement of the process of receiving claims and objections for the National Register of Citizens NRC in Assam. Attorney General KK Venugopal, appearing for the centre, said a copy of the report should be given to them as "Government of India is extremely interested in it". As Mr Venugopal persisted with his demand for a copy of report saying "If I can see it, then only I can file my response to it", the bench said "Not at this stage.

We will put the list of documents which can be relied upon in our orders. You can see the order and file the response". On the demand of the Attorney General seeking a copy of the NRC Coordinator's report, the top court said "we are of the considered view that at this stage what has been set out, should be sufficient for the Union of India and other stake-holders to indicate their views in the matter within two weeks, whereafter, orders as may be appropriate will be passed".

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It said the report with regard to preparation of the modalities of the Standard Operating Procedure for dealing with claims and objections, has been considered. Mr Hajela had filed the report in compliance with the court's August 28 order and stated that the 10 documents of List-A could be relied upon or introduced afresh by any claimant for his or her claim for inclusion in the NRC, subject to their authenticity as per the certification by the relevant issuing authority.

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NRC cut-off date not for Indians who moved to Assam: Govt to Supreme Court

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