34 dating a 21 year old

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Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Only you can answer that. But I'm 30 and 21 is to young for me. No, I am 23 and dating a 40 year old Have been dating since I was Could not be happier ever! HE is the love of my life and I know that one day he will be my hubby.

We live together now and have everything in common. Don't let anyone tell you that it is wrong. It is all about the person, not the age. I say go for it and have some fun.


We personally think it is hilarious when people ridicule and stare at us. Thats what love is, living and enjoying the ride! Hard to say, but the reality is the closer you are in age, the more you will have in common. Also, look ahead maybe 20 years. Do you think you as a 41 year old will have a lot in common with a 54 year old?

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Recently, we started hanging out again after a 6 week break up-I got too needy. I would marry her in a heartbeat but am fixed and she wants kids-I have already had mine but would with her too.

My fortune, along comes another 24 year old hottie. I realized why this happens-whoever said the part of taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, and keeping young attitude, is right on. However, I would take an older woman who looks 10 years younger than she is and has an enthusiastic youthful way of life. Also, the initial advice is valuable at times when dealing with young women because they can be unaware sometimes about direct honest communication. Likely, she will find someone younger to have a family and will give up all that an older man can offer but she will gain some things too.

The new 24 year old has a whole different take on dating older men than the one I just dated for over a year. She loves the experience and communications in everyway-for now. I told the other one about the new 24 year old-talk about jealous-she was initially shocked that I could find and be happily dating another woman her age.

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How can I show her that i am not insecure or jealous anymore? Even if you are a woman dating a woman these commandments Roissy posted will work wonders for you. In fact, being a woman and therefore thinking like one, you should have an edge over the average man. Anyone dating women take note:. Nice to have found this blog. First I would like to say to AKI that you are right on brother. I am 55 and the majority of the woman I date are from 10 to 25 yrs younger. And it seems the bigger the gap the better we seem to get a long. I have 2 daughters, one 25 years younger and the other 21 years younger.

That makes them 30 and And to whoever that makes the comments about taking advantage of a 22 year old. Most woman by the age 22 have been sexually active scene there early teens, have graduated from grammar school, High school and have did the collage party scene for years and at the least have an Associates degree. Their work history experience goes all the way back to selling cool aid, to a hamburger joint to being a waitress some place by the time they are They are full grown adults not children like you try to make it sound. I see a guy playing girly games, like Lindsey Lohan on Mean Girls what you are teaching guys , I dump the divas.

My friends smell immaturity, and dump the guy immediately. We are more merciless to older guys because they should know better. A guy who makes my call goes to voicemail, by the time he calls me back, I lose all interest in him. We were 10 and it send me to the library to find the meaning of life!!! It was so bad that I spent 5th grade studying Gandi and Philosophy in my free time, because I believed there has to be more to life then these silly girls and their silly preoccupations about being the alpha queen bee and designer shoes and other frou frou.

Guys my age are so insecure, that they have to behave like pre-teen drama queens, and use all the same techniques!

I'm 21 and I'm dating a 34 year old, do you think he is to old for me?

We used to be that master of it ourselves at , but then realize people get really hurt and stopped. So, when you see the guy you are in love with behaving in a manner that a diva girl mistreated you with when you wanted to join her clique, you get disgusted. We want someone secure enough in himself who can make us feel loved, show his vulnerability. The more times he calls in a day, the more loved we feel, the more we want this person.

When they start behaving like a macho jerk, we become callous and insenstive. We dump them, and to spite them, start dating and sleeping with their best friend.

Top Two Rules For Dating Younger Women

If guys are vicious to us like those middle school girls that still leave pain in our hearts, we fight back in a way we were too chicken back in middle school. We take out our anger at the middle school girls at these men-sissies, and boy does it feel good. I went out with a guy who I figured out played by this rule book. Crushing a diva is like medcine for a wounded soul, wounded by these evil ten year old bitches. Your alpha male advice, to a young woman reads- Top Mean Girl Bitch from 5th grade.

We will commit violence to her when we see her at our next highschool reunion; she knows that so no longer attends. Since she lives far away and killing her will only give us jail time, the next best thing is to take our rage out on guys who immitate her behavior in the way you perscribe.

34 year old woman dating a 21 year old man

We dump these older guys who listen to your advice, and find a 19 year old with no brains and smoking body the next day who happens to treat us better. In the end, all what matters for a woman is how a man treats her, does he geniunely care for her and respect her, does he show vulnerability. You call it desperation. We call it sexiness.

Vulenerability is alpha behavior, as is being raw, and real. Being fake and Plastic, like that girl gang on Mean Girls, is beta behavior, oringated by insecure middle school girls but occasionally used by dumb 20 year old men. What else do you advise guys to do, buy pink matching underwear? Voicemail always got brutally replaced. I enjoy watching those divas writhe in pain. They get what they deserve! I equally enjoy wonderful happy relationships with men who show vulnerablity.

Plastic guys are boring. Real men are a lot of fun, you know what interests them and you have common interests, and you just bounche back and forth with postive energy, and help each other reach goals and be happy. Yes, she is smoking hot and knows it, has her own money and a great career already…. So why is she with me? I stay fit and treat her like she deserves to be treated.

34 dating a 21 year old 34 dating a 21 year old
34 dating a 21 year old 34 dating a 21 year old
34 dating a 21 year old 34 dating a 21 year old
34 dating a 21 year old 34 dating a 21 year old
34 dating a 21 year old 34 dating a 21 year old
34 dating a 21 year old 34 dating a 21 year old
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