Do you regret not dating someone

We can all learn and relate to these stories.

She said she goes to my school, but I had never seen her in person in real life and I never knew any of her group of friends I'm a Senior at a huge HS. Anyway I had a simple thanks, but no thanks Facebook convo with her and that was that.


Today I say her in real life for the first time ever amazingly. She was not that bad looking, maybe a 7. Now I'm kicking myself for not talking to her more, and even contemplating talking to her again. She ended up being hot in real life. The first was in high school and the other was at my old job.

BeAlone , May 15, TheDevil21 , May 15, CrimsonToast I know a lot of people like you irl. They have the same sense of humor, it's kind of confusing and it's a whole different outlook on life. Like take that extreme hardcore death metal you listen to. JediMasterNinks , May 15, Nah but theres ones I regret asking out.

Somewhere Out There, Someone Regrets Letting You Go

Yep A girl who transferred at the end of 9th grade and this other girl I haven't spoken to in months but I guess theres still a possibility. Socom , May 15, JVgamer , May 15, One girl a few years ago. I met my current girlfriend and I love her so its all good. My senior year in high school there was this skinny blond with amazing huge tits and a quality face.

I didn't know her, but one day my best friends gf stops me and introduces me to her and tells me she thinks I'm cute so we are going on a date. Shy and confused I look at her and then look at the blond who has a nervous smile on her face then she looks at her friend with a confused look. I figured my friends girl was trying to play match maker and being an idiot wouldn't have been the first time. Didn't talk to that girl again nor did my friends gf ever bring it up again.

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Then a year later I was having a party and she showed up, she was a beer pong noob so we got on the same team. Then the cops showed up and we escaped out a window. Anyway she was telling me how the year before she used to have a giant crush on me, but thought that I didn't like her based on that awkward 5 second exchange in the hallway after lunch. She had a boyfriend then and I've never seen her since.

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There was also this one buttaface borderline obsessive girl who was always telling me about her tits and trying to get me to go to a hotel with her despite knowing that I had a girlfriend. Apparently despite only knowing her from class she talked about me quite a bit according to some others in the class and though she was def. Apr 7, Messages: Apr 7, Nice to see its not just me with this regret. My story goes back to high school, a girl I was nuts about, but being the easily embarrassed really shy type that I was then, I just couldn't say that I fancied her.

Knowing that she was keen on me and waiting for me to make the move makes it worse. Naturally if we had hooked up it might probably had crashed and burned straight away, but then again it could have been a life long thing, and sent my life into a completely different direction. I suppose it's that wondering "what would have happened if? Carl48a , Apr 7, There's a girl in my past that I do regret asking out. And because of the way that turned out, I'm definitely not regretting asking the others out. Bllasae0 , Apr 7, Indra39 , Apr 7, RobotPrototype , Apr 7, TheMaster99 , Apr 7, Maybe they were scared.

Somewhere Out There, Someone Regrets Letting You Go | Thought Catalog

Maybe they were in another relationship at the time. Maybe they were moving, or maybe they were just a tourist. The timing is never right. They do it every day.

I Don’t Feel That “Spark”, Should I Go On A Second Date With Him?

The difference is that they are brave enough to start. Willing enough to sit down. Daring enough to open their mouths. Crazy enough to say hi. Insane enough to put themselves on the line and ask for a number and say they want to see you again. These people exist — both in person, and online.

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Have you ever worked up the nerve to send a message and start a conversation on dating sites? That takes its own set of balls. We like living in the alternative realities: If you break the cycle, if you say hi to someone who might be your next big regret, you stop the cycle a little. The cycle gets broken a little more. You can only control your carbon footprint of regrets. If you make them a little less infinite, you do what you can. You do your part. You live a lighter, less burdened life. The stuff you were smart enough to not let go.

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do you regret not dating someone Do you regret not dating someone
do you regret not dating someone Do you regret not dating someone
do you regret not dating someone Do you regret not dating someone
do you regret not dating someone Do you regret not dating someone
do you regret not dating someone Do you regret not dating someone
do you regret not dating someone Do you regret not dating someone

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