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Funny, but some truth to it. What is the ONE best idea you have used to get your business noticed by others? Casey from Crush Plug Answered this on November 16, Why did you start your business? Casey from Crush Plug Answered this on November 09, Ever since I was in middle school I wanted to be a professional matchmaker. I would always match up my friends and family, even match up adults as a kid.

I love love and relationships.

I'm writing my dissertation on relationships. I figured the best thing to do businesswise besides personal I figured the best thing to do businesswise besides personal matchmaking was to create a dating site where people could go to find their forever!! What business that has closed do you miss the most from your hometown and why?

Casey from Crush Plug Answered this on October 26, A store called Hills Department store. I grew up with my family working there and I ended up working there in high school. When I was a kid they had 4th of July fireworks there.

Virginia vegetarians and VA vegetarian singles ads

I enjoy 1 pet cat, riding mtn bike, swimming in mt dams,hiking to waterfalls and kayaking. The land I live on is a NWF certified backyard wildlife habitat. Would like to meet other vegs since none of my friends are veg. Also enjoy rock collecting, organic gardening, doing yardwork, cooking and bird watching.

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I grow and sell Shiitake Mushrooms at the local farmers market.. The house I live in is a new house finished in Dec , I live on 3 and a half acres of hilltop 5 minutes from Harrisonburg. I love to cook. I'm an equipment mechanic and handy man around the house. I seek a lover who is also my best friend. I aspire to seek truth, be honest, and to live the golden rule.

I believe nature is to be revered and not conquered, that the current division of the planet between human and nonhuman habitats is badly out of balance, that people should be held responsible for themselves. I value simple living--I live 30 minutes from work walk to metro , I bike 5 minutes to and from the gym in the morning, and I do errands on foot whenever possible.

My intuition tells me that life has meaning that transcends the self and humankind. Brent is a 51 year old, Catholic male. Living in Falls Church , Virginia Vegetarian diet. Live in West Falls Church near metro. Some of my regular activities dancing, drumming, and learning guitar. I'm looking for partners to go dancing at places like Glen Echo.

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  • Love spicy food,warm climates. Good sense of humor slightly dry, offbeat. Well published PhD researcher for fed govt. Love animals and a I currently have a hamster. Catholic, with a background in Zen meditation. Living in Vienna , Virginia Vegan diet.

    I enjoy walking, attending live theatre mostly comedy and farce in particular , meditating, taking photographs and videos, visiting and petting animals, exploring zen and other approaches to nonduality, and advocating for veganism and animal rights. I created two music videos advocating for being vegan and animal rights. They are on YouTube. Ask me for the links. Used to perform music jazz, swing, standards, rock, blues, folk. I work full time as a web applications programmer. Living in Washington , Virginia Vegan diet.

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    I am a good natured, vegan, engineer. I have bachelor of science degrees in computer science and electrical engineering. I work as a software developer. I have spent most of my life studying classical guitar and I very much enjoy playing and performing classical, bossa nova, and flamenco. I like scuba diving, alpine skiing, backpacking, learning to fly planes, fencing and martial arts. I do volunteer work by working for animal rights and putting on an occaisional guitar show for a worthy cause. Mary Ann is a 54 year old, 7th Day Adventist female. Living in Newport News , Virginia Veg at home diet.

    Well, I am a soon to be 54 year young woman on September 24 and a lady! I am 5 feet 7 inches, try to stay in shape and eat very healthy with an occasional splurge like popcorn!

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    I work as a caregiver for the elderly in their homes. It is a very rewarding job both for myself and those that I care for. I am currently taking classes to become a nurse midwife.

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    I used to work out of my home as an independent contractor to hospitals as a medical language specialist. I loved working from home especially as I could sit at my computer in my jammies all day and work and no one would be wiser to it! I am seeking someone who is kind, generous, honest, loving and faithful among other things and trustworthy! If you think you are the man for me please drop me a line!

    I'd love to hear from you! Take care of yourself! Bye for now crocodile!

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    For clarification, I am a pescatarian; there wasn't a box for that way of eating. Quite a difference but the switch had to happen!! Take care, Mary Ann. Cynthia is a 59 year old, spiritual female. I have been a vegetarian for over thirty years and practice a plant based diet for ethical and health reasons. Some of my passions are animal protection issues, protecting nature, writing about animals and nature.

    I love to hike. One of my favorite places to go is the Buddhist owned park in Poolesville, Maryland - where they have a 65 acre, forested wildlife sanctuary. The Blue Ridge Mountains are another of my favorite hiking destinations. I do various forms of dance - including salsa dance and social dance.

    I believe integrity and honest communication is vital to any relationship. I hope to meet a man who loves nature, takes care of his health, has a sense of humor and is honest.

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    I am looking for a relationship that is lasting and fun. A lot of my work has been in volunteering for environmental causes. Professionally, I am the author of a book of true stories about animals and nature. And I also work as an events and meeting planner. Living in Richmond , Virginia Vegan diet.

    Active vegan who loves the outdoors. Hiking in the mountains with my dog is one of my favorite things. My name is James and I am a Vegan I reall love being vegan and I love dancing,karaoke,going on long walks and love meeting new people I would love to find a fellow vegan who I can hopef start a long term relationship with and settledown. Living in Chesapeake , Virginia Vegan diet. I'm a gamer and anime fan who makes webcomics. I'm a university student and vegan as well.

    christiansburg va dating Christiansburg va dating
    christiansburg va dating Christiansburg va dating
    christiansburg va dating Christiansburg va dating
    christiansburg va dating Christiansburg va dating
    christiansburg va dating Christiansburg va dating
    christiansburg va dating Christiansburg va dating
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