One direction dating imagines

You roll over to face your snoring boyfriend Zayn. Your fingertips dance along his spine, waiting for him to awake. You frown and disappear into the living room. Three episodes of Pretty Little Liars later, Zayn emerges from the bedroom.

He meets your abusive boyfriend and protects you

Whoa, 3 PM already? He freezes for a moment in realization before slapping his forehead. You choose a dark purple dress that wraps your curves in a bear hug. You two then hop in a taxi on your way to a mystery location. The minute he had walked in the door, he splayed himself on the couch. You blend him up one and he sips it while texting.

In response to this, he lets out a throaty yawn. Having enough of this, you slide on your coat and head for the door. He smiles, finding your hand and escorting you through the opening elevator doors. Ten minutes later, your phone rings from an unknown number. How did you know it was me? You smile as you scroll through your twitter mentions, favoriting the happy birthday twets from fans.

You went back online and saw Liam was doing a twitcam. With the click of a link, his buzzcut head appeared before you on a small screen.

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You missed him and wanted to slap him all at the same time. Although it was adorable he got your tweets sent to his phone, you were still pissed at him. You want to join? Fifteen minutes later you arrive at the club and your friend notices your glum mood. A few cocktails later, the DJ grabs the microphone while stopping the song. Of course, you do and greet him with a kiss as his arms wrap around your waist, swaying you back and forth to your favorite song of all time. Literally SO many people requested a second part so I gave in and wrote this. You sit in front of the vanity in your room, curling your hair in perfect twists.

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You apply a coat of mascara and lip gloss. Payne to take you out to dinner for placing first in track! You were very nervous to be alone in such a romantic setting with Mr. You loved him, but did he feel the same? Why would he take you to dinner? After he greets your family, you follow him to his car. You arrive at the restaurant not much later.

Harry Styles Imagine;Part 1.

Payne had a reservation. You break out into a huge smile that reaches your ears. Payne love you back? You take his hand, drawing small circles on the palm. He smiles just as big as you. From then on, you and Mr. Payne begin to date in secrecy and you fall more in love with him each date. The next day in class is unbearable, Mr. You can barely concentrate on math while your mind is flooding with questions about Mr.

The phone rings five minutes before the bell. Your math teacher mumbles something into the receiver and hangs up. Once you arrive in Mr. His eyes widen and he fights a smile. A grin appears on his face. He walks to you and brushes a hair out of your face slowly, pulling your face in for a soft kiss. You watch him reach for the radio on his desk and connect his iPod. He plays Your Song by Elton John and takes you in his arms once again.

The two of you slow dance with your head on his chest and everything feels right. You were in love and nothing could stop that. Styles ordered to you the day before, you arrive at his classroom the same time as yesterday. You knock at the door a couple times before Mr. You furrow your brows, but slide against the wall and cradle your knees to your chest.

A boy a year younger than you exits the classroom, stuffing some Geometry notes into his backpack while walking away. Even after he was long gone, you were still waiting outside.

3. BSM: You Are Dating a Member of 5SOS and He Thinks You’re Too Young

You were beginning to think Mr. Styles climbed out the window and made a run for it! Interrupting your wild imagination, the door opened and he pulled you inside. You looked around the once dull classroom with your jaw dropped. Flower petals were sprinkled all over the room and the desks pushed aside. In the center was a pile of pillows and blankets and a laptop with a DVD next to it plus a bowl of popcorn.

You sat up quickly and looked at Harry. His eye was bruised and his lip was cut. You pulled him off the bed and into the bathroom to clean him up. When he passed out I grabbed whatever I thought was yours and put it into some boxes.

I don't want anyone hurting you ever again. When you pulled away you placed a feather light kiss on his lips. You open the door as quickly as you could to find your best friend Niall holding your boyfriend, Jason, by the collar of his shirt.

Niall Horan does his best Australian accent and reveals his ideal date | Daily Mail Online

You didn't say anything after that. Jason may have been a sweetheart to everyone else but he was a complete monster towards you. You go upstairs and begin packing. You finish quickly and pause when you hear Niall talking to Jason again. The day I laid my eyes on that beautiful girl was when I started waiting. I promised to protect her from anything and anyone and then you come in and you fuck everything up. You bruised her skin and gave her cuts you fucking asshole!

I swear to god I will make sure that you will never talk to her again. I'll be sending someone to pick up the rest of her stuff and then that's you're out of her life forever and she's out of yours.


You decided that that was all you needed to hear and you walked down the stairs. Niall took your hand and your bag and walked out of Jason's house and life forever. You had known Liam your entire life and he was your best friend. You knew you could tell him anything so when your boyfriend starting abusing you you didn't know where else to go other than him.

When you had told him he got extremely angry and stormed out of his house. You were able to catch up to him and you got into his car to stop him from doing anything stupid. He took the car out of park and continued driving towards yours and your boyfriend's flat. You get to your flat and see that your boyfriend's car is in the drive way.

You take in a large breath and get out of the car, Liam not even half a step behind you. You walk into the flat ignoring what he said and heading upstairs to your room to pack your clothes. You fucking whore stop ignoring me! He just ignores Cory to the best of his ability. You were trying to pack as quickly as you could so you didn't have to deal with all of your memories coming back to you, the good and the bad. Back downstairs Cory had moved closer to Liam, he was practically in his face. You left without any other words said. You had invited Zayn over for a movie night when he noticed your bruises and cuts all over your stomach.

When you confessed it was Mike you had harmed you he had stormed out of your house. You were now face to face with the person who had hurt you. You pulled Zayn's hands off of Mike and pushed them to separate sides of the room. You made your way over to Zayn to make sure he wasn't hurt. You then turned your attention back to Mike.

one direction dating imagines One direction dating imagines
one direction dating imagines One direction dating imagines
one direction dating imagines One direction dating imagines
one direction dating imagines One direction dating imagines
one direction dating imagines One direction dating imagines
one direction dating imagines One direction dating imagines

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