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During this ceremony, the guests and the couple dance together and have a lot of fun and usually the ceremony end up with a dinner.

In principle, having a girlfriend is forbidden

The second step is marriage ceremony. In this ceremony, the couple invites almost all of their families for the ceremony and guests give their valuable gifts to the couple. The way that the couple celebrate their marriage is also highly dependent on their families. These customs are almost the same for both traditional and modern families with one big difference. If the couple comes from a traditional families, the ceremony will be held in a place that men and women are separated. In the other words, all men go to one place and at the same night all women go to another place and men and women celebrate the marriage ceremony separately, But for the modern families these customs are normal and all people go to one place to celebrate the marriage ceremony.

After the marriage ceremony the couple usually goes to a trip on their honeymoon and then start their new life. How these customs differ from your customs? Do the Iranian couples really get married or it is better to say that their families are getting married?

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Apr 5, Be careful that this guy isn't just there for the pum pum. A lot of them can't marry outside their race or will be disowned by their parents so they sneak around before getting married. Also sometimes their family members get violent if they catch him dating you, be very careful. Thanks x 9 Skeptical x 2. No I'm too afraid of them. Shit I recite the 23rd psalm before I walk into their gas stations. And u talking abt dating one of em? Well good luck to u sis! I really mean this.

An American-Iranian marriage

No but I have a couple of Iranian male associates. Oh I just remembered this creepy Iranian man that worked at a gas station close to somewhere I used to work. He would ask me for my number but I always avoid giving it to him. Thanks x 1 LOL! Thanks x 7 Disagree! Find out his views on IR marriage, not IR dating. Thanks x 8 Skeptical x 5. Why are you defensive? It was a simple question. And just because someone labels themselves as a particular thing doesn't mean they truly are.

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Neither a true Christians by the bible's definition of it. I can honestly tell you that I never knew a language could have so many passionate expressions and ways to say how you feel about someone, until I learned Farsi. Having said that, when a Persian starts getting passionate in a good way or a bad way, it can be truly intense. When they get passionate in a good way, it can be so unbelievably amazing, and the things that they say can be so powerful and expressive. No matter what the politics are between America and Iran, Persians want you to travel to Iran.

I still go into every situation with an open heart and mind though, despite having experienced such. For whatever the reasons are maybe similar to my own personal reasons , many times Persians prefer not to do business with other Persians. I think a reason might be, because Persians can be so friendly or close with other Persians, and owners end up doing work or favours for free.

However, when Persians work with other Persian family members, it can be an amazing thing, because we already know how family oriented they are.

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Making Persian friends in LA has been harder for me than anything. But, when you get a divorce, many times you have to start over, and you literally end up alone, and without one remaining friend. I want to be around people that love me, and not temporarily love me. Having said that, some Persians go out of their way not to befriend other Persians for whatever reason. When Americans or anyone embraces the Persian culture, Persians not only love it, but they love them for embracing it! When people get invited to Persian households for functions, they leave their home feeling like they just left Iran.

Last but not least, the food is amazing! Persians have the best dishes from their rice dishes, to their kabobs, to their Persian stews. They go out all out when it comes to cooking and entertaining for guests. I think this is related to this thread, you can download mobile app Chetori to connect with single Iranian men and women, you can download it from iTunes. Your email address will not be published.

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dating a married persian man Dating a married persian man
dating a married persian man Dating a married persian man
dating a married persian man Dating a married persian man
dating a married persian man Dating a married persian man
dating a married persian man Dating a married persian man

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