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The festival is an all-ages event. Call or visit www. Two stages will provide a wide variety of music at the Spring Block Party. Here's a list of the acts that will appear.


We want to be more than just local artists. There is chemistry, of course. But if you want to talk about different styles, Mark is more old-school because he is into Nas. When we come together, the lyrics just flow instinctively.


We have the funky stuff going on but we keep it as raw and as direct as we can. Obviously, we feel it but we do it for the love of the music. The West is rowdy, specifically, Chua Chu Kang. They would throw cigarettes and ice at us too. Just a lot of dumb shit.

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I feel like, coming from the West, The. It was about how he sacrificed himself for Singapore. He was a soldier from the Malay regiment and stood at the Singaporean lines and defended it with all his life.

  • To keep it even closer to home, the wedding was officiated by the Susie's brother..
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The whole aspect I wanted highlight was the arrogance and pride of a Malay person. Since you guys are a crew, what other hip-hop crews do you find inspiration from? They really hold it down. My next track will be about the dollar bills in Singapore.

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For me, I want to push the New York sound in Singapore. The instrumentals that they choose are raw and I love how they deliver the flows and the lyricism. Anti-war sentiments had accelerated in Madison since the Dow Chemical protest in which thousands of students occupied and were violently expelled from Ingraham Hall. Police refused to allow permission for the street dance and when they entered the area in response to a noise complaint, a confrontation ensued that lasted three nights and spread into the surrounding student areas.

Students threw stones at the police and constructed barricades to defend themselves. The police responded with tear gas and billy clubs.

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  5. The event continued annually for the duration of the war, even though the traumatic effects of the nearby Sterling Hall bombing had a dampening effect on Madison anti-war efforts. By , however, students had once again taken to Mifflin Street.

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    The co-op dropped its greater involvement in after the city requested that organizers keep alcohol within fenced-in beer gardens. By , police had decided to not have any officers patrol the event and removed any official presence from the party. Despite crowds in excess of 10, no major problems occurred until a riot in Following this event, the city and police took more control in planning.

    On May 4, , a riot broke out, when a crowd of several thousand people threw bottles at a fire truck that had come to put out a bonfire started by the crowd to combat the cold weather. Police used riot gear to retake the block.

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    The riots resulted in thousands of dollars of damage. The event was planned very carefully, but attracted few people due to poor weather. No major riots have occurred since This year attendance grew to 15, but arrests declined to DCNY productions brought in a music stage, security staff, and food vendors.

    This year the city also granted the sponsors a small beer garden in a parking lot on the block of Mifflin street. In the city agreed to allow open alcoholic beverages in the street for individuals of legal drinking age if they have a wristband.

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